Online customers are looking for a new type of more ethical consumerism – that’s where social enterprises come in.

Social enterprises are the best of both worlds; people working together to create awesome experiences for the greater good. Social enterprises get people to spend money and do good at the same time; encouraging online involvement is a core social enterprise strategy. 

Digital success for social enterprises is all about exploiting the power of partnerships, having on-brand messaging, and focusing on exceptional customer experience. As a social enterprise, you’re selling much more than ‘just’ a product or a service – you need to communicate your values and your mission too.

Here are five online strategies available to social enterprises right now – could any of these be right for yours?

1.  Share your knowledge online

Become the ‘go to’ knowledge base for a specific cause, theme, or topic in order to reach more people. Having lots of useful content on your domain will make you popular with search engines, as well as users; and it will attract the attention of publishers and journalists. By showing that you are an expert, you are opening yourself up to expert contribution gigs (which is great for PR).

  • Create an online resource library that’s focused on answering your audience’s questions and that addresses their key pain points. In a niche that you know well, creating great content shouldn’t take all that long. Use all your internal resources and conduct some market and audience research (including topical keyword research) to make sure you’re creating content both of value and
  • Use gated content in order to keep part of your resources back – you can ask people for their contact details (or even payment) before they can access it all.
  • Webinars ar